Question How do you backup PS5 USB extended storage?

Jan 5, 2023
I have PS4 games installed on PS5 extended storage (external HDD) and I already had to reinstall because it got corrupted due to power loss and repair didn't work. Can you backup at least M.2 storage? I like keeping all my games installed and it seems to be very easy to corrupt the external drive. Without a backup it takes a long time to install disc games one by one.

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There isn't a way to back up games and apps in the internal drive per
Games and apps saved in M.2 SSD storage aren't included in backup data. You can continue using your M.2 SSD storage drive as usual on the PS5 console that you're restoring.
And you may not be able to take the drive out to make an image of it because the drive is encrypted and the key may not be the same when you want to restore it. At least that's been my experience with Sony's previous consoles.