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How do you choose a graphics card within a specific "series*?"


May 14, 2013
Note: Before I say anything else, let me say that I'm not sure series is the right term. What I mean is something like an Radeon HD 7950 or a GTX 760. One specific card type. To make this a bit simpler, let's treat "GHz editions" and Ti versions as separate cards for right now.

For the sake of argument, lets just say I've decided to buy a GTX 760? How do I know which 760 to buy?

What are your criteria? Is it brand? Is it number of fans? Price? "Extras" (ie free games)? Warranty? Is there a performance difference?

If your criteria does effect the performance of the card in some way, how do you evaluate them? (For example, I've seen people say "card x has a better cooler than card y." I've got no idea where they come up with their info).

It's fairly easy to come up with benchmarks for a 760 vs a 7870 GHz edition (for example), but beyond that I'm lost.


Nov 2, 2013
They are pretty much the same cards but each one specializes in something or upgraded from the original, like for example the 7770 oc means it can be overclocked and things like that

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