Question How do you convert Hyper-V to VMware?

Jul 1, 2022
Does anybody know about this? I'm struggling on this part any tips or steps to make this work?

You can convert Hyper-V VM to VMware VM with a help of VMware vCenter Converter. In brief, here's the process:
Open the VMware vCenter Converter Standalone. Hit on the Convert machine and in the Source System menu choose the Powered off selection.

Now, choose Hyper-V Server and give more information about the connection. Confirm it by hitting Next.
On the Source Machine step, choose the VM to be converted. Confirm this step by Next as well.

Now in case, you convert to VMware ESXi, on the Destination System step, choose VMware Infrastructure virtual machine and specify the ESXi IP Address, Password, and User name. Hit Next.

On the Destination Virtual Machine step, name your VM and confirm it by hitting Next. Destination Location - ESXi host, Datastore, and Virtual machine version options.
Options and Summary steps are easy and intuitive.

If you need more detailed instructions on how to choose the right VMware backup solution, read this article.
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