How do you make Slide show


Jul 9, 2004
I would like to make slide show with pictures (high resoultion) .Not everyone has XP (sometimes slideshow dosent run in xp either) and I would like the slide show to start once the people put the cd or dvd in the computer.There should be a simple program that will just load and run the pictures.


You want to get powerpoint and use that to create your powerpoint presentation.. it's probably the most known program for doing this.

Within that, you can createa "pack n go" .. or you can download pack n go, extract the contents to a directory.. say C:tempPRESPNG

Copy your presentation to C:tempPRES

then, make a simple text file for an autorun (search the internet for "create autorun.ini"

open=.png(Filename of packngo thingie) presentation

you'll have to read up on pack n go, it'll show you the syntax to use a command line to open the packngo program and start your presentation.

Then burn C:tempPRES to a CD

In the root of the CD you want your presenation and the Autorun.inf, under PNG you want the extracted file for the PNG program.

When the CD is inserted it'll autoplay without installing anything because all the files are read off the CD.. so people won't need to have powerpoint or any specific OS.