Question How do you overclock with just Dynamic Voltage?

Apr 5, 2019
So I have a Ryzen 5 2400G and a Gigabyte Elite B450 Aorus Elite.

The BIOS only gives me an option to change Dynamic Voltage which I believe works with offsets.

But here's the thing, my CPU voltage always jumps around depending on the load which I suppose is good.But how do you then know how much to add to the offset?

And when I say jump around I mean a lot of jumping. I once saw it going up to 1.45 volts causing the CPU temps to go above 90 degrees and that too without any overclocking and just the auto settings.

Changing the Dynamic Voltage to "normal" from "auto" does help a bit but when load hits its the same story.

So I ended up turning off the Core Precision Boost.
The voltage does go above recommended limits (without CPB) but its not as crazy as before.

So how exactly do I over/underclock with just dynamic voltage?
I've updated my BIOS thinking it might do something but it's the same.


This is pretty much how it looks. Is there anything I can do or am I just stuck with this crappy board?
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