How do you say....


Mar 26, 2007
I know this questions isn't that relevant or important, but how does one pronounce the Tuniq Tower 120?

When talking to friends, or just reading it, I have always pronounced the Tuniq as more like Tunic (too nick).

But then I saw this and he pronounces it way differently. He says it more like tun-ick-kew. (at around 45 seconds)

So I was just wondering what the majority of people call it, or what the official right way is.

I'd assume that he knows what he's talking about, but it just sounds so wrong to me.


yeah... there's nothing that indicates pronouncing the q twice in TUN-ICK-KEW... actually there's no reason to pronounce it twice... and if you pronounce TUNI-Q then its still like... whys there a seperation of syllables there? it makes no sense that way so the best way is TOONICK... unless someone from the company flat out says its supposed to be one of the former ways... then i'll stick to TOONICK :D