How do you test for faulty RAM chips?


Feb 5, 2012
Whilst playing BF3, I'm experiencing my computer freezing on me(sometime blue screen every couple of weeks). I maybe suspect a faulty RAM chip but have no way of checking if this is the problem/which chip it is. Can anyone help resolve this issue? ...Can't stand losing out on all that XP i could have gained in my jet in BF3 >.<

Make a bootable memtest86+ media (USB stick or CD) and then boot to memtest86+ after POST. Let memtest86 complete its cycle with no errors before you test the next stick; it could take an hour or more depending on your RAM.

The bootable compilations are about 1/2 way down the webpage.

You should test each stick of RAM separately to see if there are errors. And then run memtest86+ on all the sticks together.

If the RAM passes, you have another problem.