How do you update sound drivers ? i just cant work it out


Feb 2, 2012
Hey guys im trying to trouble shoot a problem playing shogun 2 , i've been told to update my sound drivers, the only way i would know how to do that would be to :

go to controlpanel> system> device manager > sound driver > update

Ive done this but it always says latest driver already installed..

Should i be using windows as my sound driver ? or do i need to download realtek or something ? before i re installed vista on my PC i use to have realtek but i never redownloaded it ? so how do i update my drivers ? or do i need to download software ?

Also when i go into device manager it says

Sound, video and game controls +
High definition audio device
High definition audio device

should there be 2 ? theres two in the list ? and why is it so important to update sound drivers ? thanks!

Trouble shoot Audio Problems.

1) -Make sure speakers are not muted.
2) -Make sure Windows Audio Service is set to Automatic & Started. (Run services.msc) Scroll down to Windows Audio Double click, start the service. And it should be set to "Automatic"
3) -Download & save to your desktop, Audio drivers for your computer model and Operating System from your Computer MFG Site. (Do not Install yet)
4) -Uninstall Audio Drivers in Device manager & Reboot.
5) -When new hardware is detected, point to desktop for drivers.

Note: If you have PCI sound card installed, google the manufacturer of it.