How do you update the bios in the P5WD2-E Premium?


Jun 23, 2006
The auto-updater doesn't work, and when I download the bios from the site (so I can flash it from a floppy) , I only get a .rom file. What do I do with it?


Jul 25, 2006
boot to MS-DOS using a floppy. Put a blank floppy in and right click on it in my computer and click format. Click the MS-DOS boot box first, then format the disk. On a separate disk, load AFUDOS and the .rom file you downloaded.

Reboot to your floppy (you may have to change bios boot settings). When the DOS prompt comes up, eject the boot disk and put in the AFUDOS floppy. At the prompt type:

AFUDOS /i[biosromname.rom] and it will update your bios.

If the bios rom name was BIOS0709.rom, the line would look like this:

AFUDOS /iBIOS0709.rom --> NOTE, there is NO SPACE between the i and the rom name.

You may want to back up your old bios first.

Use AFUDOS /o[filename] where [filename] is whatever you want.


Feb 6, 2009
hi there,,

Im trying to update my bios as well. because im having difficulties installing raid on my pc for p5wd2e-premium motherboard. I have to different update files wich i downloaded from asus website. One is WD2EP0604.ROM and the other is AFU236U file wich seems to be different from the AFUDOS that I got from my motherboards cd rom. Ive done exactly what the manual told me to do and i followed your instructions in this forum but when the system goes into reading the file name from my floppy driver it gives me an error for the .rom file saying it could not open the file. For the AFU236U file it says the size of the file is not the same as the one in the bios.

Please help out..