How does 2000 compare to XP?


Jun 20, 2002
Hi I was wondering how 2k compared to XP. I mostly play games on my computer, and I was wondering what was best for me. Right now im on 98se, and its faster than XP home IMO. Any input is greatly appreciated.


Jan 15, 2002
I have heard that 98se is the best OS for gaming. However, I run Windows 2000 and I'm a big gamer and I have no problems at all. Games run fine. I haven't had any experience though with XP, so I'm unable to offer any direct comparisons with that OS.


Apr 7, 2002
I've run games on all three OSes and find them all satisfactory.
<font color=blue>98se</font color=blue>-best with compatibility in older games, slightly faster in my experience,but least stable.
<font color=blue>2000</font color=blue>-Usually very stable, but issues with a couple games, especially older ones. however, has gotten better since SP2 & SP3 (IMO)
<font color=blue>XP-</font color=blue>My overall favorite for now, stable, better compatibility mode, decently fast.

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Apr 10, 2001
I felt that Windows XP was a bit better than Windows 2000. I'm basing this with Counter-Strike, but I was using a different mode than I do now. So, they might be almost the same now.

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May 1, 2001
Here is my experience.

Win98 - great for older games, but not as fast as the new OS's, and not as stable. Blue Screens a plenty.

Win 2000 - great for newer games, a bit faster and more stable. No crashes related to the OS that I've experienced ever. Have heard though its great for Office PC's, as we are implementing it here at work in a year or less.

Win XP - have not messed with it, but of course have heard of various incompatibilities with different people - but not much on the gaming front.

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Dec 31, 2007
I tried all 3 OS. Windows 98 is not nearly as stable as Windows 2000 and Windows XP. I am still using Windows 2000 as my primary OS and will not move to XP until Microsoft start shipping SP1 for XP.


Aug 26, 2002
most of these posts have been on the fence about the issue, for me XP has given me more trouble on my system than 2000, 98 overall just doesn't match up because of stability problems

Windows 2000 is better because i find it slicker, cleaner, and lighter interface compared to XP. I use to be an avid XP user but after moving to 2k i've noticed a lasting difference.

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Right now I'm dual booting Win2K and Win98SE.
Win2K w SP2 is a dreamy operating system smooth as glass, so far I've not run into any problems at all and the games I've been able to run, which are mostly my newer games run solidly smooth and fast, I haven't really noticed a speed difference in the games at all, however I installed it as fully NTSF file system not FAT32. I'm running my Win98SE on a seperate hardrive mainly because I've got older games I'm not ready to part with, that will not run on Win2K running the NTSF file system. Most of the problems people are facing with Win2K, are arising from trying to hang on to what they think is the best of both worlds, by formatting the Win2K installation as FAT32 which is possible but full of problems. Win2K has a third service pack out now to correct the bugs that reared their ugly heads, but WinXP is still deep in the buggy stages and right now the world is the testing ground, I personally decided to go with a tested and fully tried operating system and let the others be the guinea pigs, I have not run WinXP, because of the problems one of my friends has had with his, however after its been out for a couple of years like Win2K, and has service packs available I'll give it a try. I know you were asking for a comparison directly between 2K and XP, but when I saw you were running 98SE, it reminded me of when I had to make the same decisions you're fixing to make, so I figured this info might help out some. Ryan