Question How does AMD's new Radeon GPU lineup compare to Nvidia's RTX 30xx cards?

All we know is the graphs they showed us at the presentation. Have to wait for the real test from reviewers. They always sell it a little bit better than it really is. Like saying the RTX 3070 is better than a 2080TI. It is in some titles but the 2080TI is faster in some titles too. Like saying the RTX 3080 is twice as fast as a 2080TI.

Wait for Linus, JayTwoCents, BitWit, GamerNexus to get one from AMD and do some benchmarks.


Aug 20, 2015
they seem to be about the same as Nvidia Ampere when it comes to rasterization. At least when you compare 6800XT with RTX 3080 and 6900XT with RTX 3090. in some games faster, in same the same, in some slower. The 6800XT seems to be a bit faster than RTX 3070. But AMD stayed away from showing any benchmarks or comparison with ray tracing. That lets me suspect that they quite a bit behind Nvidia Ampere ray tracing performance (some leaks shows that ampere is about 25 to 30% faster with ray tracing).

Also, AMD has nothing to yet that would compete with DLSS 2.0/2.1. And DLSS 2.0 is pretty cool. AMD say they work on something like it, but it will not be ready at launch.

Otherwise...I would recommend that we wait for the reviews when they come out.