How does Android Google Maps fare against a car's built-in GPS?


Sep 11, 2011
I like having precise GPS for my new Dacia Logan MCV Stepway. I'm currently using Google Maps on my Android OnePlus 7T without major issues. But I've always wondered if my car's GPS is better than using Android Google Maps. I'm thinking that perhaps a car's built-in GPS hardware is more accurate than a dash attached Android phone? I know this probably depends on what car and what GPS it uses.

I'm thinking of getting a GPS locator to boost my Google Maps, such as the Dual Electronics xgps150a, but I would stick to Android Google Maps or the car's GPS if that's good enough.
Any recommendations?
Any advice much welcome!
IMO I prefer using Google Maps to any other GPS. It's tied in to nearly every Android phone out there getting real time information back from a large section of travelers with instant updates on traffic flow, location, police traps, accidents....and it updates very regularly.

My car has to be taken in for stuff like that. The only 'advantage' I see is the built in one shows a better map on the screen. Even tied to my phone I get turn by turn.

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