Question How does brightness (Nits) affect quality? What is better?


Nov 27, 2021
I will be buying a 24” Acer monitor 240Y which is LCD monitor and as per acer it has brightness rating of 190 Nits.

For indoor usage where the room will be mostly lit by LED tube lighting system and for general purpose computing like browsing, youtube, MS office etc is this an acceptable Nits rating?

How does brightness (Nits) affect quality? What is better?
Or what are the factors and considerations for high or low brightness rating. e.g some monitors have it 200, some 250 and so on.
Is Nits close to 200 but still bit below it a lower quality thing? The monitor is relatively cheaper in price than many other 24" models.

Bard has given me a diplomatic response. It neither says good or bad!
Thanks and regards.
I find brightness only really a factor for two things: How bright the ambient lighting is and if you want to take advantage of HDR content.

For ambient lighting, if the display is going to be in a brighter environment, it needs a brighter screen to be able to see things. A common use case is seeing your phone's screen in sunlight. However, unless you're setting things up in a public space or have an unfortunate placement of your desk, this isn't really a concern.

For HDR content, most of its impact comes from the fact that it allows for representation of brighter values than SDR content. While you might get richer colors without higher brightness (such as in HDR400 displays), the content doesn't really pop out unless you have higher brightness to go along with it.

Otherwise, for long term viewing, lower brightness is better on your eyes. And it tends to be well below the monitor's maximum brightness. For instance, my monitor is capable of around 350-400 nits, but I have it set to where it's about 100.

Otherwise does it affect quality? Only the contrast ratio but you have to basically turn the monitor down really low before it starts to really affect image quality.
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Oct 11, 2017
nits are for e-peening. Just because a monitor can simulate the sun doesn't mean you want to use it. There are more important things for a monitor like color accuracy and refresh rate. Most monitors will be bright enough for most users.

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