How does CellPhones work against different access points ? (no mesh system)


Aug 13, 2014
Lets say I have an AP in the West Side (A) and other in the East Side (B) .
Lets say I move from A to B. So the Cell is connected to A . But it will end up connecting to B .
How does this transition hapens ? Is that transition fast enough, that I wont notice the difference ?

Or maybe I have one router and 1 bridge router . How does the CellPhone choose which one to access ? And what about the transition areas? How does it make transition from one router to another one ?

(The Ap can be a tradional one or a router working as AP)

thx in advance .



The cell phone will connect to "A" then as you move the signal will get weaker on "A" and stronger on "B" BUT the cell phone won't automatically switch. If the signal from "A" is lost, then it would switch.

What you are asking about is something called seamless roaming. It doesn't work well with standard home hardware. It works in high-end commercial installations because a controller on the WIFI side (not the phone side) moves the connection rather than the phone doing it.

Generally you have to manually switch APs in a home environment. Unique AP names makes this easier.