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Question How does getting one HDR HFR monitor in 3-monitor set-up work?


Jul 19, 2014
I have 3 identical Dell monitors today. They are nice but nothing fancy 1080p, 60Hz. When I got them I wanted 3 identical monitors so I'd know they'd play together well.

I use the monitors for work and for games. Recently I've been wanting to improve some of my gaming experience and am interested in High-frame-rate and HDR, 4k is not a high-priority for me. But I'm worried I'm walking into some troubleshooting landmine if I try to have one HDR HFR monitor and two standard 1080p displays flanking it.

How does HDR on Windows work? Do I need to set it at the system level or is it only in certain applications? Will Windows freak out if I try to run HDR content with two non-HDR monitors connected? And then all the same questions for high-frame-rates. Does freesync or gync even work if I only have one monitor that can go above 60Hz?

I could afford to get one fancy new monitor today without issues but getting 3 is not really in the cards right now. So I'm trying to decide if saving money until I can upgrade all three is the right way to go or if getting one monitor today is a good idea.

Any one have any experience mixing one of these fancy new monitors with older simpler monitors?