Question How does RGB daisychaining and splitters work?


Aug 15, 2011
I'm new to the RGB/ARGB world and I'm a little confused with how much control you have with each individual RGB product.
As I understand, RGB directly on the motherboard and RAM can be controlled and recognized individually with the typical lineup of Aura Sync, mystic lights, fusion etc.
But as most motherboards have just 1-2 ARGB connectors (ignoring 12v rgb for simplicity), if you have more than 2 ARGB products say... RGB on an AIO, an ARGB light strip, and a LL120, what do you do? You have to use an ARGB Y splitter right? But whichever 2 you choose to connect to the splitter will be recognized as a single ARGB device by the software right?
So you cannot make the LL120 green while having the AIO red because they won't show up separately in the software, for example, if they connect to the splitter.
Daisychaining (e.g. DRGB products from Phanteks) is kinda similar but typically when you do that, you're probably planning to sync the color/effects anyway. But you'll still run into problems with multiple separate chains as above.

I know there are things like Commander Pro but they are proprietary. Are there other choices? Or am I understanding the above all wrong?