how does the killer e2200 game networking


Dec 30, 2012
Just want to know how this killer gaming networking port on the MSI x99s Gaming 7 motherboard actually works. I know that the motherboard features a Ethernet port but i am using the cat 5 blue cable that connects to a wireless extender socket rather then plugged into the router/modem directly and i was wondering if:

I have set up a wireless extender which features an Ethernet port. If i plug my Ethernet cable from the ether net port of my motherboard to the port of the wireless extender, will it affect my wireless speed for gaming since there is an extender in the middle.

How does this KILLER™ E2200
GAME NETWORKING Kill lag anyway? If my network speed is only 3.22Mbps and i have 3 pc using the network and i get only 200KB/s then how is that supposed to work?

Indeed, you will most likely never see a benefit from that network card. They originally tried to sell them as dedicated cards but could not are were forced to sell them to motherboard manufacturers in order to make any money.

Typically you want your ethernet cable from your PC to go straight to your modem / router. If you have anything else in the middle, like wireless, it's going to reduce your max speed, decrease network security, and introduce additional lag.
Killer technology is mostly marketing hype for stupid people. They make it seem they can fix network problems with software. What they imply they can do is if you have multiple devices using a internet connection they can make yours faster. This is impossible, you can't affect the traffic coming from another machine with software running on yours. The whole internet would not work if you could accomplish this.

What they can do is prioritize the traffic from one application on your machine over another. So if you were running a game and running torrent uploads they could make sure the game gets better performance than the torrent. But this leads to the questions why you are running other software on your machine that can impact the performance of the game in the first place. Wouldn't a simpler solution be to not do stupid things rather than think some magic software will save you.