Question How does the Maximus XI Hero perform?

Sep 4, 2019
I currently have a 9700k in a z370 Gigabyte Gaming 7 and I'm somewhat of an aesthetics snob and I'm about to build a custom loop and want something that looks better. I have a buddy who has a Maximus XI Extreme he will sell me for $350 which is very tempting or I also have a chance to grab the XI Hero for $120. I am an overclocker and I have a pretty decent vrm on my Gaming 7 and I keep hearing about the 4 phase wanna be twin 8 that's on the Hero. And after watching the Hardware Unboxed video it appears this is by far the hottest running otherboard in the z390 lineup. One thing about my G7 is the vrm runs pretty warm on that as well to be honest. I really want the extreme but I feel like sure if I was rocking the 9900k I would absolutely without a doubt pick it up but with a 9700k there's no point. Or maybe there is I don't know. I just received a direct die frame and I'm going to de-lid and direct die cool this cpu so maybe it's too much for the Hero to handle.

I am just looking to find a few people who are using the Hero and overclocking and what they think of it. What their overclocks and temps are. And if they recommend it or not.
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If I were you, I wouldn't look at the Hero or the Extreme since they both lack that oomph with the VRM's cooling and there are subtle changes. If anything you could look at the Formula variant which has the waterblock on the VRM's and would make sense if plumbed into a custom loop.