How does this possible new comp specs look?


Jul 25, 2003
I am getting new comp, currently using P3 866 mhz desktop also have nice 1.5 Pentium M Notebook :) Any usually use my desktop usually get burned with multitasking. Usually run alot of simeple stuff, firefox, winamp, chat, ect, on it at the same time. Also do some programing, main reason I picked go with A64 was that he anandtech benches should A64 killing P4 in visual c++ 6.0 compling (that is complier I use myself). I DON'T play any sort of intensive game on it, always tend run out of $$ and time to play/buy games :( Sometimes play starcraft, but that ran on my P166 mhz comp. So, I am going to be sticking with my crappy Geforce MX card. Right now I am browsing in ebay to see if I can get cheap hardware or not. Here my cost/idea for CPU:

CPU: $200 USD, probably A64 3200 newcaslte (maybe a 3400 if I can get it cheap at ebay)
MB: MSI Neo Platinum, I am sure I can get it under $80 in ebay
Memory: Corsiar/Muskin/Geil value 512 MB DDR 400 (which ever is cheaper, right now I am seeing 1 GB of corasir in ebay for $95, might try and get that too)
PS: $80. Thermaltake 480w with PFC (was going to get Antec but lower end ones don't have PFC for cheap!)
Case: Something for $80 or lower
Monitor: Viewsonic E70F + SB for $140, or something like that if I find anything on ebay.

Already have the following that I upgraded by P3 866 mhz with:
Seagate 8 MB, 120 GB HD 7200 rpm (think with 5 year warranty! )
Nec 2500A DVD-RW 8x
Cd rom drive from dell
Geforce MX 440
Winfast Tv tuner

Total: around $650.

Probably to wait to see if I can get any deals on ebay for few weeks and if I don't get any, will just buy retail stuff. So how does this look?


Jun 26, 2002
Good setup. Try to get 1 GB RAM.

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Aug 30, 2004
With this new built you should see performance increase and it will be significant. As long as this system is trouble fee, and it can do what you ask for, you should be very happy with it.