How effective is a dust cover for my computer?


Jul 17, 2012
Yes it will affect air circulation by adding resistance to the flow path. How much will it affect the air flow, you'll have to find out. I'm not familiar with the material it is made of. Therefore, it will affect your temperatures, but again, with out that material in my hand to test with, it is hard to say by how much.

If you want dust protection, first try locating the tower off the ground, prop it up a few feet, dust tends to settle at the bottom of the room, and placing a tower on the ground makes this dust accumulation worse.

Then, you can take a look at the air flow path, depending on your case and configuration. Try to have a higher amount of intake volume of air than exhaust, so that air that enters from the front, all leave at the back with no additional in takes from the bottom of the case or rear of the case. This streamlines your air flow and reduces dust accumulation.

Then, if you still need more, you just need the intake side protected by a thin filter that you can remove and clean once in a while, not a whole cover.


Aug 26, 2014

No it will not affect air circulation because it says there that their dust covers are breathable (Shopshield type) and the other one, the vinyl type is to be slip on when your computer is off. I've read the reviews and also visited Amazon for their products and it says that there dust covers serves the purpose very well. Their dust cover is made of durable copolymer that is scientifically proven to repel dust.
In the end, the decision is yours. Dust cover is a preventive measure in protecting your computer. It's amazing the level of dust and grime attacking a desktop PC on a daily basis, and use of a filter brings home just what it is that a cover mya protecting your machine from. More dramatic crises can also strike your computer: if your coffee cup is resting by your mouse then it's just an accident waiting to happen.