How far can I upgrade this computer?


Jan 21, 2015
I built a system with:

120 GB Kingston SSD UV400
Ryzen 5 2400G
Seagate 1TB Internal 7200 HDD
8 GB GSkill Aegis DDR4 3000 mhz
asus tuf b450m-plus gaming
GeForce 1050ti

Now, I know that this is slightly better than an XBOX One. I could save up for another system, but I am wondering how far I can upgrade this system?

I think that getting another Graphics Card, but then I'm lost about which one, if there is bottleneck issues, or compatibility...

So I thought I would see what the consensus is here...


Upgrades I'd probably perform, in order:

1) Upgrade the RAM to 16GB.
2) Upgrade the SSD to at least 500GB
3) Upgrade the graphics to at least an RTX 2060
4) Upgrade the processor to at least a new Ryzen 5 3000 series processor.

-Wolf sends
Yeah, I would hold off on considering any CPU upgrade until at least after the 7nm Ryzen processors are available. Even then, I wouldn't be all that concerned about upgrading it right away though, as the 2400G is still rather decent, and is not going to be much of a limiting factor to gaming performance unless paired with a very high-end graphics card. Most of today's games tend to be limited more by graphics performance than anything.

A faster graphics card would undoubtedly provide the most improvement to gaming performance, especially when running recent games at high graphics settings. It would probably be the most expensive upgrade though. Your existing card is alright for 1080p resolution with the graphics options lowered somewhat in recent titles, but a faster card could allow you to run those demanding games at maximum graphics settings and at higher resolution and framerates.

Increasing the amount of RAM could help, but I might not be too concerned about that before a graphics card upgrade, as most of today's games still get along fairly well on 8GB. You'll want 16GB eventually, but I'm not sure I'd be in a rush to get it. Then again, another 8GB of RAM would be a relatively inexpensive upgrade that could be performed any time.

Adding another, larger SSD to install games on would improve load times in many titles, and wouldn't be particularly expensive. That could also be done at any point really, and wouldn't be too expensive. The prices of RAM and SSDs have been largely on a downward trend lately, and that's expected to continue for a while.

As for other potential upgrades for things you didn't list, maybe a new monitor, keyboard, headset or other peripherals, depending on what you currently have. PC VR headsets have also been coming down to more reasonable price levels, though you would likely want a faster graphics card before getting one of those.