[SOLVED] How far to tighten down Coolermaster 212 turbo led?

Apr 24, 2019
hello, i recently changed my thermal paste from intel stock to artic silver 5, my motherboard is an msi h 370 gaming plus with i7 8700 nonk, i cleaned my cpu with ethilic alcohol (75>%), i installed the hyper turbo led 212 and im really scared because in one of the standoff screws ( left right) i saw some kind of white plastic around ( i think the standoff of the cooler wasnt tight enough so it started to spin while screwing in the cpu cooler and it ended up scratching the sorrounding surface of the motherboard standoff area, nothing big really), my computer is working fine, i have even better temperatures after installing the cooler ( 28 idle and 68 full load, using i7 8700, before it was 32-75), now im worried because i dont know if i should try to tight down more this screws and the standoffs (with the proper tool that came with the cpu cooler in the box, i was stupid and didnt know about it) anymore because right now its working perfectly, is worth to change thermal paste again and do all the process only based on this? i can see that screws arent tight completely like in other installation videos but the heatsink is not moving and while i was installing the cpu cooler i am completely sure that i did screw them untill i felt that it could cause damage if i applied more pression, should i tight them down more? , thanks for helping me im really scared because i dont have more money for another mobo (saving for 3 years plus for my system). how do i know if i broke something D:?

compare this images: View: https://imgur.com/a/ulvgfV2
my computer is right, example left.



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