Question How fast is the Intel wireless 9260 ?

It depends on the Wi-Fi standard you're using. 1.73Gbps is only available on 802.11ac, which is 5 GHz only.

If you're using 802.11n, it's up to 600Mbps if purely using 5 GHz. 802.11n can use 2.4 GHz, but the maximum speed may not be attainable.

EDIT: Also the speed the router can output is dependent on how many antennas the router has. I'm going on the assumption it has 4 for both 802.11ac and 802.11n since the base speed of 802.11ac is 433 Mbps.


Sep 5, 2013
I have a home hub 3000 model which is ac but does not support 160mhz ?

9260 needs a 160mhz router ?

I have the fibe internet 500mbps download/upload

On my phone i am getting 470mbps...on my destop i use the linksys ac1200 usb adapter and i get around 200mbps...

Whats the best way to upgrade ?

Should i get the ac1900 netgear nighthawk a7000 to get 500mbps ? Or is there a cheaper way to get 500mbps ?
The 160MHz thing deals with what RF channels 802.11ac network can use. It's optional, as some countries don't allow this. So it's nothing to worry about if your router doesn't support it.

Also the environment the devices are in, especially if there's stuff between the device and the router, along with any other devices on the same network, can affect the performance of the device's WiFi connection. If you want to get a baseline of what speeds the router is capable of, you should test within 6 feet or 1.8 meters of the router with a clear line of sight between the router and the device and nothing else is on that WiFi network
So first set realistic expectations. You should not expect to get more than 300mbps at a average distance. If your walls are thick it will be less.

160mhz was never really support using 802.11ac. You will have a hard time finding equipment that supports it.

Now 802.11ax does support it and if you buy top end equipment the devices do support 160mhz. The method used by 802.11ac and 802.11ax to run on 160mhz is not compatible, they use different data encoding. That intel card is kinda unsupported device because of the lack of routers.

Now there are huge problems with 160mhz. The largest is there is no single block that large and they must use areas the things like weather radar use. The devices must detect weather radar and stop using the channels. Many devices,especially cell phones that have wifi6, did not want to deal with this so they only support 80mhz.
There is already massive contention for the bandwidth from all the neighbors. This is also why most people report wifi6 is not that much faster than 802.11ac. They both use 80mhz or radio bandwidth which is key.

So if you really want to spend your money to try to chase 160mhz what I would do it buy wifi6e. This is the newest technology and can run on the 6ghz band which has lots of bandwidth and none of the weather radar stuff.

A very popular intel card has the numbers AX210 in the part number. This is the new wifi6e part. You can also look at ax200 but they cost about the same and the ax210 will run on the 2.4 and 5g radio just like the ax200 but it also can do the 6ghz. You would then need a router that can do wifi6e.

You can then report back to us how well it works in the real world installs. This stuff is pretty new so you don't see a lot of real consumer data. Mostly it is fake review sites and people boasting about their speed. My guess is you can get 600mbps but some of the test sites show over 900 but I doubt that is realistic.