How good is core i3 2100??


Apr 4, 2012
how good so far is the core i3 2100?? for..
-no gaming(at all)>
-for HT intensive cpu sofware..> Adobe PhotoShop CS5, Corel Draw, miner video editing(not that much at all), that's it!!>
-fast boot time>
-will be featuring SSD>

-or.. should i go with the core i5 2400(not the 2500k)

-and.. what "chipset" and.. "motherboard" should i have with it(either 2100 or 2400)

=) Have a Good Day..
The Intel® Core™ i3-2100 is a great processor at its price that can do everything that you are looking to do with it. However the hyper-threading isn't as good as a full core in performance for multi-threaded applications. So if you can fit it into your budget and you are going to do be doing the work that you say you are going to want to use the Intel Core i5-2400. I would focus on a good h67 board or a Z68 board.

Christian Wood
Intel Enthusiast Team

No offense, but you're on the payroll. :non: :kaola: Not really trying to steal your thunder, just expounding on the post you made.

The i5 is a better choice for a balanced system, systems are more and more relying on true quad core CPUs. If you're just playing games, then an i3 is fine for now, considering not many games use more than 2 cores yet. But almost every application that uses more than 2 cores, a true quad core beats it, even similarly priced Phenom IIs. Since you're not looking do to games, but rather you're looking for something to run the very applications that indeed can see an advantage from more than 2 true cores. I'd spend the extra money and consider an i5.

See for yourself:

2500k vs i3 2100 (2120 isnt a substantial improvement over it)

2400 vs i3 2100

Phenom II 980 vs i3-2100

Easy to clock up a 965 BE to stock 980 settings, but even stock settings, again its clear that a true quad core has an advantage over a dual core that pretends to have 4.


The i3 is good for gaming and that's about it. IMHO the only good thing about the i3's is the 1155 platform because when it comes to over all performance the i3 is meh and can't hold it's own against a Phenom II of the same price.
Great, here we go again with the fanboy crap. Don't you get tired of having the same argument over and over again?

Who gives a crap about the upgrade path? I only care about what a CPU can do for me today, not what it can do for me 3 years down the road when every other component in the system including the motherboard its sitting on is a dinosaur too.



Thanks you for proving my point lol ?

That benchmark says basically the exact same thing I did.

Games =i3
Everything else = Phenom II
Synthetic Benchmarks = Who gives a damn

I'm not going to start any fanboi BS I'm just calling it how it is, like it or not.