How good is my Computer for gaming?


Mar 26, 2012
Guild wars 2 will be coming out pretty soon and i want to kno if i should upgrade my computer or just buy a new one.

-Processor - amd athlon x2 265
-Graphics card - ATI Radeon HD 5450
Ram - 4GB
Motherboard - gigabyte ga-870a-ud3
The Athlon X2 is not the best CPU for gaming, but it's adequate for most non demanding games.

The HD 5450 is actually your weakest link. You can play games with low resolution and low graphics quality with it. Therefore, that should be the 1st thing you upgrade. A Radeon HD 6670 should give you adequate performance to run most games at medium graphics quality up to a resolution of 1920x1200. The lower the resolution the better the performance though.