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Question How good of an idea is to keep using a worn out battery?

Jul 31, 2020
TL;DR: could it be any downside in heavily using a worn-out battery to 23% of its original capacity in a gaming laptop?

Hello, I have a Dell 7577. I bought it in 2018 and as it was my first laptop with a decent GPU, I didn't know how quickly the battery of these things wear out.
By the end of 2019, my battery was about 60% of its original capacity (this level of deterioration was probably caused by me using for months a misconfigured Linux distribution with the discrete GPU constantly enabled). At that time I had already bought a new battery but then I waited a bit to put it on because I was on holiday for some months and would have the AC adaptor close to me almost daily. Then covid came and it's been 2 years without replacing the battery as I use the notebook daily for hours constantly plugged.
By this time, the total capacity of the battery is 23% of its original capacity, so it is pretty worn out.

In my country covid will probably keep going during the rest of the year, therefore I will keep my laptop mainly plugged in. Could it be any downside to using a worn-out battery like this? any possibility of damaged components? In these lands, a simple spare battery costs quite a bit, that's why I would prefer to extend the usage of my current battery as much as possible.