Jul 23, 2001
As in my sig, I have an overclocked TBred B (2200 Mhz, vCore 1.8) with some good air cooling. Problem is that the cooling is too good. Even with the Tornado turned all the way down on my fan bus, it's still pretty loud. I love having the option of cranking up the fans when playing games and then turning up the sound in the game, but when I'm doing work and using Naturally Speaking, the sound is annoying/problematic.

Question is this: If I swap the Tornado with a 80 or 120 Vantec Stealth (or other quiet fan) how much temp would I gain? Would temps of 55C or so be harmful (fry up my CPU in 1 yr. or less) or would it take longer than that, or not really be harmful at all?

Athlon XP 1900 (11x200) 42C (Load w/AX-7 & 8cm Tornado) - MSI K7N2 Delta - Corsair Value PC3200 - Gainward GF3 @ 250/550 - 80Gb WD 8Mb Cache -


Jan 10, 2004
My AthlonXP 2000+ T-bred used to run at 49c all the time without overclock and I ran it that way for about a year, no problems yet...but I have had a case fan in there for about a month and temps go down to 39c idle and 44c while playing games.

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