Jun 22, 2004
Hi -

My computer is rebooting somewhat randomly. It started happening when I installed my new 8x DVD burner. I can reproduce the problem every time I try to burn a DVD.

Is this a lack of power problem or a heat problem. Here are the details:

2 SATA 36gb drives in raid 0
1 120gb 7200rpm hard drive
2 video cards (2 monitors)
2 DVD burners
Antec TruPower 480watt PSU

It's a pretty small mid tower (around 16 inches tall) and the temperature reading inside the case varies between 108-118 degrees.

Is this temperature too hot or do I need a bigger power supply?


Jan 10, 2004
If its 108-118 degrees C then its a heat problem, if it 108-118 degrees F then you probably need a new power supply, but that doesn't seem right considering you have a very good power supply. It might be some other issue like RAM.



Former Staff
Try testing your RAM with memtest86, it's free for download.

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Feb 4, 2004
In addition to the memtest, I recommend two other things you should do. You say that this random rebooting happens every time to attempt to burn a DVD, right? When you burn a disc, it puts pressure on the CPU. Even today's fastest Intel x86 chips would probably cry if they had to burn three or more DVDs simulataneously. Having said that, get a copy of Prime95 and run it to full capacity. Your CPU should be working 100% of the time. If you don't have a a variant of NT or a program that allows you to see this feature, you should fine one, in the case you have win 98 or something.

2) Check your BIOS settings or any mobo applications that can shut down your computer for whatever reason. For example, your temperature treshold for your cpu or case might be too low. Also, if you have XP, there's an option in system properties that allows you to automatically reboot if a problem arises. Disable this feature. Automatic rebooting (the feature) is a nuisance and in many cases the system reboots before you can see what error message. This way, if you try to burn a DVD again, your computer might not reboot; instead, it'll display a blue screen error, similar to BSOD in win 9.x, or some other error message. But this applies to only NT variants like XP. If you have 9.x, then I'm pretty sure no such feature exists.