Question How important is gaming @ 144Hz to you?

Jun 17, 2019
Had a chance to play some CS:GO @ 144Hz (1080p) on someone's PC for the first time in life, and frankly, I'm a little curious!

So as the title suggests, how important is 144Hz gaming to you; on a small scale of 1 to 5?
  1. 60Hz FTW! I'd never go to 144Hz or higher. Total waste of money.
  2. It's slightly better than 60Hz, but barely. Not as important as they say.
  3. It's noticeably better than 60Hz, but still not worth the extra price.
  4. It's significantly better than 60Hz and worth every penny.
  5. 60Hz is so laggy! I'd rather watch the paint dry than play at 60Hz.
  6. [BONUS] 144Hz is so laggy! It's either 240Hz or bust!
Okay, let's get serious, shall we? I belong in the 3rd category. 144Hz is certainly better than 60Hz (I tested 60Hz and 144Hz back to back). The smoothness is definitely obvious but... I'm still not entirely sold on the idea and really don't think it's worth it, especially when it comes to single player gaming. I think 75Hz to 90Hz is a nice middle ground when it comes to competitive FPS gaming; while 60Hz is more than enough for single player titles.

So, what's your opinion? And thank you very much for you time!