Question How install PC-Probe II Software related to old asus motherboard in windows 10

May 21, 2022
Here is my motherboard's model in asus web site:
It is very old & i am so sorry about it.
I installed windows 10 on it recently.
Every thing is working very well on win 10.
But there was a nice & useful software related to my motherboard with the name of ASUS PC Probe II.
Check Utility part of my motherboard.
pc probe ii asus windows 10
When i tried to install win 7 of that soft on win 10 i got an error.
This motherboard is very old and asus has no support on it any more.
It seems there is a new software in microsoft store with the name of
Probe II Sense.
I installed it and it does n't show any information such as cpu temperature.
I think before install ASUS PC Probe II i should install my motherboard's driver in win 10.
Here is the files of my motherboard (win 7):


What is AsAcpi.sys and how can i install it on win 10 without any damage?
Give me a solution to install ASUS PC Probe II because this software is very important for me.

My motherboard driver is ATK0110.
I found this link on the net :\ATK0110
But i do n't know is it safe to install this driver on win 10 or not & how can i install .sys & .ini file inside of that cab file in microsoft web site.
Also after install this driver how can i install win 7 pc probe II?

Here is PC Probe II error during install :


I copied those three files from microsoft web site's driver in System32 folder of windows 10 and did restart.
After restart i could n't install PC-Probe II again.

Thanks for your future attention
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May 21, 2022
I was checking cpu & motherboard temprature + cpu fan speed all the time in win 7 using with PC-Probe II and this is why i need PC-Probe II. Is there any "Accurate" software to achieve this purpose on windows 10?