Question How is Gigabyte's RMA and reliability of their motherboards?


Jul 16, 2017
Hi, I am a first time user of Gigabyte motherboard. How is the RMA of this company and reliability of their motherboards?

As some of you know, I got a Z390 Ardours Xtreme. There were problems with getting it to POST at the beginning but after unplugging all the components including the CPU and re-plugging, it has been working fine for 3 weeks. I only have a week to decide if I should ask for a replacement or not. Current one could fail if I install something later on. Any suggestion? Newer one could be better or worse. Besides the POST issues at the beginning, when I inserted the RAM into the slots, two slots had some kind of strange resistant and made some sound that I had never experienced since about 40 years ago when I inserted interface cards to Apple II. Do I have to worry about that?
Some years ago, I had occasion to send a Gigabyte motherboard for a repair to a (self inflicted) cpu socket damage.
The process was painless, the cost($50) was reasonable, so I have no issues there.

It always seems to take considerable force to get a ram stick into the slot.
So long as everything is lined up and you push down evenly there should be no problem.

As to advice, if there is something you particularly want in the Ardours motherboard, consider changing perhaps to Asrock.