How is magic packet works on waking up another pc

karim hussien

Jul 13, 2012
Hi ,
i just need your help so i can wake u my laptop while sleeping mode throught my desktop , i did allowed the magic packet to wakes it up from pwer managment but it didn't work either , i dont know i there is something else i have to do or whta , your help is highly apprecieated
First, realize this will only work w/ a wired adapter, not wireless. Second, the BIOS typically also has to be updated to wake the adapter (usually it’s in the power management section, you’ll have to enable events for Wake On PCI, or Wake On PCIe, whatever is appropriate). Third, the wired adapter typically has setting in its driver to wake on the magic packet as well (see Device Manager). Finally, yes, power management has to permit it.

So it's a bit complicated in the sense you have to get ALL these things right for it to work.