How Is the Sound Quality On the Corsair Hs70?


Apr 17, 2016
I am planning to buy a wireless "headset" so it has a mic, and My budget is around 100USD.

I have read that among the Corsair HS70's competitors, it has some of, if not, the BEST build quality with its lightweight metal frame and stufffff. But it is an open back style headset. Ive read that open back have a "bigger" sound stage, as if the sound was coming from further away, so thats where it loses its sound quality. Open Back headsets also have Sound Leak, How bad is the sound leak on those?

Open back headphones do not sound worse simply because they are open back they just sound different. Open back for a gaming headset is probably the best idea as you said they have more sound stage, which in a game basically means it will be easier to judge the direction and distance of a sound. They do leak sound meaning people close to you will likely be able to hear what you are playing, this makes them bad for use in a public place say a bus or plane.

As for that particular set, yes build quality looks very good. However I would never buy a 7.1 headset personally, I don't like the way 7.1 sets sound in anything other than games or movies. They tend to have pretty weak bass due to having multiple small drivers in each ear rather than one big driver in each ear. Highs and mids tend to sound tinny or just weird in music from my experience.