How is this for my first build?


Apr 18, 2010
Hello all, decided to build a new computer for gaming. I mostly play World of Warcraft so I'm looking for a machine that can give me medium/high settings in raids with good FPS.

This is what I came up with, looking for advice, thanks!

DVD Drive - 0521304&PID=3342876&SID= $33.99

Case - 0521304&PID=3342876&SID= $99.99

HD - $79.99

Graphics Card - 0521304&PID=3342876&SID= $164.99

PSU - 0521304&PID=3342876&SID= $89.99

RAM - 0521304&PID=3342876&SID= $109.99

MOBO - 0521304&PID=3342876&SID= $119.99

CPU - 0521304&PID=3342876&SID= $199.99

OS - $99.99
For a graphics card - no less than a 5850/GTX470 for sure. motherboards..... there's a few. Gigabyte would be my first choice, ASUS gene II.... the micro atx but costs $200...... even though SATA6.0 and USB 3.0 will be non usable by most people for the next few years I'd still get a board capable. These are the newest and will probably be improved upon over the last gen. I don't have time to "shop" right now but will try and put up links sometime later if I remember. DON'T SKIMP ON THE GRAPHICS CARD.


Apr 13, 2010
If you can afford it, the 5850 is the way to go for a GPU. I'm running an i5 750 and Radeon HD 5850 and they're working great together. I'm not so sure if you need to worry about USB 3.0 the time it becomes commonplace enough to matter it'll probably be time to build a new system anyway.

Do you intend to overclock your CPU at all? That will determine what kind of cooler you'll want to get.

Other things to consider:

-If you can spare $20 more for the HDD, you can get 1 TB:

-I'd recommend using the Cooler Master HAF 922 for your case. It's quite big, but comes with three fans and has a lot of room (not only does the space allow for even the largest GPUs and heatsinks, but it also provides excellent airflow. Only caveat is that the cutout on the mobo backplate isn't positioned correct for the 1156 socket, so you'd have to remove the motherboard if you wanted to install on a cooler that requires a backplate later.

-CPU cooler:

The stock cooler that comes with the i5 750 is horrible. Whether you intend to OC or not, you'll want an aftermarket cooler.

If you intend to OC:

If you don't intend to OC:

I'm using the latter (Hyper TX3) since I'm keeping my CPU at stock speeds, and it's performing wonderfully (an impressive 20c-30c reduction under load compared to the stock heatsink)...not to mention saving you some money over the Hyper 212+.

-Thermal paste:

If you get an aftermarket cooler, you'll need some thermal paste as well (both heatsinks should come with a little tube, but it's not the best). For a first time build, you'll want to go with this: It's non-conductive, so you don't have to worry about accidentally getting some on your mobo and shorting it out. It also doesn't need to cure, so it will start working at its full potential right away...not to mention performing on part with the ever-popular AS5.


Mar 29, 2010
almost the same rig i plan on building next month!
except im looking at the MSI p55-gd80 for the mobo (great reviews and 2-pciex16x8)
also getting a 750-850W psu for the future (750TX only $10 more right now)