How is this setup?


Feb 21, 2009
can anyone tell me if this is a good pc setup?

intel Q9550 processor
intel DP45SG motherboard
8gb DDR3 ram
Thermalright 120 xtreme CPU cooler
Gigabyte 9800GTX+ 1gb graphics card
Creative X-Fi Xtreme gamer fatality pro sound card
Thermaltake toughpower Qfan 750W
Seagate 500gb sata2 32mb cache HDD
Blue ray burner
NZXT guardian 921 case
Windows vista HP 64bit
You don't see Intel boards recommended here very often, not that they aren't good quality boards that run very stable, but because they are poor overclockers. If you have no intention of overclocking that Q9550, then it's a good choice. It's use of DDR3 used to be a factor in bang for the buck, DDR3 was substatially more expensive then DDR2 and offered minimal performance gains for the price, but in the last couple of months prices of DDR3 have come down and it's not that big of a gap any longer. Another problem is that the Intel board supports crossfire with an ATI graphic card and you picked a Nvidia graphic card (9800GTX+) you won't be able to add another Nvidia card in SLI with that motherboard. A better graphic card choice would be a HD4870 if you might want to add another card in the future for better performance.

Thermaltake Qseries are good quality power supplies, but pretty pricey. You can get a Corsair or PC Power and Cooling 750w power supply for quite a bit less (about $60 less after rebate)

At the price you'll be paying for this system it may be worthwhile for you to check into an i7/X58 platform. There are no glaring compatibility problems with your build (other then the Nvidia GPU mentioned above) but some changes would probably give better performance at about the same budget.

Link to the December system builder marathon which used the i7/X58,2112.html

Link to the Feb SBM which used the Q9550,2146.html