Discussion How Likely Will Nvidia Implement Driver Based Frame Interpolation?


Aug 8, 2018
Hey guys,

Currently doing a new build and the GPU is the final component to decide, I’m thinking of either a RTX 4060 or RX 7600. Frame Generation (FG) will be the most CRUCIAL feature for me since I mostly play CPU bottlenecked games.

I’ve tried it out previously on Skyrim with a RTX 4050 laptop, using PureDark’s DLSS FG plugin I was literally able to spawn thousands of NPCs for battle and still maintain smooth framerate, essentially turning Skyrim into Mount & Blade. I was truly astonished and have always dreamt of a feature like this.

However following AMD’s announcement last week, I was even more amazed that a driver-based AMD Fluid Motion Frames will be coming. I understand it won’t look nearly as good as FSR3 or DLSS FG, but having the ability to support all DX11 & DX12 titles more than makes up for the shortfall. This feature is really important for me since I play a lot of older modable titles that have been abandoned by the devs. They are processor heavy, badly optimized and won’t be getting official FG support. Many don’t even have motion vector data or TAA so even PureDark’s DLSS/FSR plugin will not work.

Which is why I’m wondering, how likely will Nvidia implement a driver-based FG option in the future as well? Historically speaking, does AMD have any Radeon specific features that Nvidia never ended up including? I’d be really happy to get the RTX 4060 if Nvidia add driver-based FG in the future, even if it take years. But if it’s uncertain or highly unlikely, I will have no choice but to go with the RX 7600 instead. And missing out on better DLSS quality and better RT performance from Nvidia.

I understand no one have a crystal ball so it will mostly be speculations. But I haven’t been keeping up to date with hardware news the past couple years. So uncertain if these two companies always end up adding competitor’s features or not. So would really appreciate a more informed opinion from someone more knowledgeable in this area.

Much Appreciated!