Question How long a Msi armor RX580 or 570 armor Last? Should i get it?

Feb 26, 2018
Hello everyone :D

As title says i need to find out how long MSI RX 570 Armor Or 580 Armor will last
They are the cheapest 8G Rx's in amazon right now
I will be using them for gaming and streaming and more
People say it reaches high temperature i dont know if it's true
one guy said that it is thermal throttling unless the fans are at 100%
dont know whats wrong with fans being at 100% but please tell me
Currently the 570 is only 154 GBP sold by amazon not third parties
580 is Sold by a third party but im getting my pc in 2 months that might change later
Anyways What should i do guys please help :)
Depends on what you mean by 'last', but it sounds like physical endurance of the card.

The Armor cooler isn't the best MSI has to offer. For more power hungry GPUs it doesn't do a particularly good job of cooling them. Gamers Nexus mentions this in a review of... I think it was the GTX 1080 ti or 1080.

The thermal throttling comment you mention is about the cooler needing the fans to be operating at 100% to get rid of heat so the GPU doesn't overheat. If the GPU gets too hot, because the cooler can't keep it cool, then it thermal throttles, its clockspeed lowers and you lose performance. If the GPU keeps thermal throttling because it can't be kept cool, then I'd imagine it won't last as long as a GPU which is kept cool.

There are some RX 580s on, mostly the Sapphire ones, for under £200.

PCPartPicker shows the following for under £200:,20000&sort=-price&c=373,392,391
Jan 15, 2019
I purchased an msi Rx 580 8GB armor card off newegg last fall for around $180. So far, i'm happy with it. Its not any louder than my case fans, and it runs around 50°C when stress tested to 100% using msi afterburner's stress test. So, my temps arent bad 😂.
As far as how long it will last, if you mean that the card won't just die, it shouldn't be an issue. Before this card i was running a gtx 750 until last with no problems. If you mean it being viable for gaming at 1080p max settings, maybe 1-2 years. As graphics cards get faster game developers will push graphics further. But it will be able to run games at 1080p for probably 3-4 years before it really NEEDS to be upgraded.
dont know whats wrong with fans being at 100% but please tell me
It's loud, which many people would find annoying. I guess the fans could wear out sooner too.

I had an RX 580 Armor for a bit. If you undervolt it (which is easy and is a good idea with any RX 580) and have decent case airflow then temps/noise should be fine.

No one can tell you how long the card will last before it fails.