How long can I...

XcS Dead Deer

Oct 15, 2011
If anybody has seen my other topic, sprite got inside my case. I scrubbed the motherboard with a toothbrush and got any bit of residue i saw. The computer went from being completely non-responsive to lighting up for 1/10 of a second then shut down.

Im going to try removing everything and soaking the motherboard in isopropyl alcohol. Is there a limit as to how much time I should have it soaking, or will leaving it in a plastic tub for a day or two not hurt anything?

Hi there,

Unplug everything and remove it from the slots in the area where was the fluid.

Ground yourself or use the rubber gloves.

Use Isopropyl alcohol, swabs and lint free cloth.

Inside of the slots, make sure it is wiped clean and dried. U can use hairdryer on worm or cold.

Don't use it for 5-6hrs.