Question How long should it flash?


Did you get the update from MSI?

Times can and do vary.

One link I found stated 2 hours for MSI. However, the majority of links suggested much shorter times.

Google words and phrasing such as "how long does msi bios flashback take".

Do some reading and then reword or otherwise filter the results as applicable for your situation.

Also go to MSI's website for more information and instructions. Forums and FAQs as applicable.


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Well, whatever or whoever was giving that information about two hours, was plain wrong.

There are no boards that take two hours to flash using any kind of BIOS flashback, or any other method for that matter. The longest it should EVER take to reflash the BIOS using BIOS flashback is a couple of minutes. If it takes longer than five minutes I'd be suspicious. Longer than ten minutes and something is absolutely wrong.

What is your EXACT motherboard model and what is the current BIOS version?

What are the rest of your hardware specifications?