How many are having this issue? 5xxx cards

I'm having issues with boot up, sometimes getting corrupted 2d graphics. Refreshing always clears it up, or final load of ccc clears it up.

Works perfectly fine in 3d gaming, and tv video (basically anything that forces the card to full throttle).

But after leaving the game, getting corrupted 2d graphics (desktop) again.

Also getting some corruption in IE or firefox (heard a few having this issue).

Happened to me in Winxp 32bit and now win7 64 bit. I'm really trying to narrow this down, is it defective hardware or defective software?

The old 8800GTS 320mb worked fine in the system. I have to assume it's fairly close to the voltage/usage of the 5770. xclio 550watt power supply.

not really any "old" drivers for the 5770. I've heard/read some are having issues with the 5xxx cards, i'm just trying to determine if anyone else is getting the 2d corruption. if not, defective card.