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Question how many Cooler Master H500M ARGB Fans on a single header?


Jul 8, 2014
So I have some very specific questions relating to very specific items. I have been googling for the past 3 hours, I have gotten general answers, but not answers that definitively answer what I'm asking and I do not want to fry my new parts. So the questions:

I have ordered a Cooler Master MasterCase H500M. I have gotten a Corsair HX750I and a Gigabyte RTX 2060 Super Windforce OC 8GB, but these 2, I don't think are related.

My current build features an Asus Z97K, i5 4690k, 12GB ram, 256gb nvme, 4tb hard drive, gtx 750 ti (to be replaced in a few days). The important bit is the motherboard; the Z97K has no ARGB headers on it, and only 3 fan headers.

Currently, I have a CiT Blaze case with 6 (Blue light), 120mm fans, which are connected to a powered fan hub, along with a Cooler Master Hyoer 212 evo running the stock 120mm fan plus a Cooler Master sickleflow 120mm red light fan, to run in dual config. The cooler fans are connected directly to the motherboard while case fans are connected to the fan hub.

So the new case that will arrive soon will have the two 200mm mf200r argb fans in the front with a 140mm fan in the back. I am not sure if the rear fan is argb, but for the argument's sake, lets say it is. So the case comes with an argb controller with 2 argb outputs. The case may or may not include a 1 to 2 rgb splitter (I've read conflicting posts), but lets say it does.

So now I have 3 argb fans in the case with a controller with 2 output slots and an rgb splitter.

So finally the question: Can I connect the 2 front fans to a single rgb output on the hub and the rear to the other, SAFELY?

And another question I've wanted to get a clear answer for, for a while but haven't been able to: Motherboards have fan headers usually rated to 1 amp. What is the maximum amperage I can expect to draw SAFELY from that header? If I have 3 fans, 2 of which are 0.33A and 1 that is 0.34A, can I connect them all to the single header? Will the fact that its so close.. No, right on the power limit, not risk frying the header along with possibly other components too? Especially considering in my experience on boot, fans will all spin up to or near max speed for a moment, which makes me think that for a moment they might be drawing more power than what they do normally. That I've only experienced with fans connected directly to the mobo fan header. Fan hub connected fans don't seem to do that. Also keep in mind my motherboard - bought and used since 2014. I plan on upgrading that too, just like the GPU and the PSU, but with a new mobo comes new cpu and new ram (I have ddr3, new mobo will need ddr4).

Anyway, my plan is to run the pwm fans into my existing fan hub, but I do not want to buy an ARGB hub as well for now, so I'd really like to know if I'd be able to connect at least 2 rgb fans to a single rgb header - Safely.

And a question that just came to mind, the H500M rgb controller will include a mini usb to usb header for the motherboard (I think). If I connect that, will I be able to control the lighting from software with the usb connection? I'm excited for the argb element of the case as I've never had argb stuff, only single colors and I do not want to break them straight away :D.

Thanks for any help in advance!