Question How many degrees can graphics cards work outdoors?


Oct 30, 2020
The cards are space mounting and the temperature is minus at night and +5 degrees during the day.

Is it safe to use for 24/7 mining in this environment?

Location: Balcony. (Precautions have been taken for water contact. There is only dry cold. I live in an area with very low humidity.

Condensation vs. I hope that such problems will not happen because it will work 24/7, but it is best to get information from those who have experience.


Make and model Graphics Cards?

You will need to find the environmental operating specs for the cards. Doubt that they are rated for such temperature ranges (C or F).

Basically though, a balcony is "outdoors" and I doubt that the graphics cards will survive very long....

Even the smallest amount of humidity will result in condensation. Dust, dirt, blowing debris. It will get in....

Nothing like a nice warm place in the cold to attract birds, bugs, and other critters.

Plus temperature extremes are likely to cause considerable expansion and contraction for cases, cards and components.

And working 24/7 is probably not a basis for hope with preventing problems from happening. One power glitch - all may be gone.

Balcony - do not do that.
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From my humble point of view.

When you spend money to make money you want to keep your investment safe. A balcony, glass or not, does not sound safe to me.

24/7 means a lot of stress for the GPUs and PSUs, not to mention motherboard and everything else on the rig,

You are free to do whatever you want but I would not do it that way.
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"Since there is a glass balcony, only air enters. "

Air contains moisture and other stuff; e.g. pollen and/or potentially toxic pollutants.

May appear minute but any physical opening of any size is going to be exploited.

As for physical balcony security - not something I would count on.

Seconding @RodroX

Study ROI.....

Acronym intentional.

Are you willing to lose what all and whatever you have invested in a balcony hosted mining rig?

That is the truth of the matter,

Think about how you gamble.....