How many extra watts do I need to overclock?



Not when overclocking an 8700k, and a GTX 1080. Coffee lake gets power hungry fast, when overclocking.


Jul 18, 2013
Power hungry...yes. What do you then say to the stated OC power consumption on the linked in TH review?
Considering this quality 550W are good to go for and sufficient, sorry to say that 750W remain overdosed unless you have any valid source justifying this recommendation.


The system is already rated @409w. That is already like 74% of its rated capacity before overclocking. I ran a PSU close to capacity, when overclocking, a seasonic gold 650w even, and it died a premature death. The 780ti classified, that I had at the time, was more power hungry than even a 290x.
to the op with power supplys it not the wattage your looking at but the total amp rating on the 12v line. as posted by the mod...the closer to the max load of a power supply on it 12v rail the hotter and louder it going to be. in real world if you can load a unit at 50 percent that the golden zone of a power supply. as posted a 750w will work. if your thinking of sli latter on go with an 850w unit. on your build if you can spend a little more for an m2 drive for speed. if your gaming the faster read speeds will help on gaming load time. for the ram look at 3200/3600 stock speed at 1.25v. some of the older 3000 and higher ram needs more voltage to run at it rated overclock speed. on the gpu dont buy it now till more info on the nvidia next gpu drop in a few weeks.