Question How many many pci ports do i need for the rtx 2080ti trio

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It's a trap!
How many PCIe x16 slots does it need?
I've never seen a video card, that needs more than just one, even RTX Titan.
While GPUs are only inserted in 1 slot, depending on the cooler on it it will block between 2 and 3 slots. However thats not even his question, his question is regarding PCIe Power plugs

It has 2×8 and 1x6 connector,, in the box theres also a short pci adapter.
You need to connect ALL 3 power connectors to your PSU. Do not use the adapter its junk. If your PSU does not have 2 8 Pin and 1 6 Pin connectors on board, then you need to buy a new one. What make and model PSU do you have?