[SOLVED] How many ohms does the b450 f gaming by strix offer ?

I meant the power that my mobo has. What can it power ? headphone wise
Totally depends on what headphones are you willing to buy/ have.
Not everything is about the Impedance of the headphone... I can give you an example.

My Sennheiser HD650 300 Ohm headphones are actually easier to drive compared to the 62 Ohm AKG K712 Pro pair I also got. The other factor that actually plays a big part in this is the Sensitivity of the headphone... it basically indicates how loud the headphone gets based on a certain level of power given from the source (amplifier, onboard audio).
Sensitivity is measured in db SPL(Sound Pressure Level) / mW or in some cases db SPL/V.

Another example where the impedance is not really the indication of how hard a headphone it is to drive are Planar Magnetic headphones. They usually have quite a low impedance, but really low sensitivity as well... hence they're quite hard to drive (you'll most likely need a dedicated amp for them).

So, both Sensitivity and Impedance of the headphone will usually matter when trying to find how hard it will be to power.
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