How many PCI Power connectors do I need for 1080ti SC Black (Evga)

I was just hoping to get an answer on this faster than EVGA support usually operates. Anyhow, I have a 1080TI SC Black (11GB) from Evga and I saw in the manual several options for how many I could connect for power?

Do I need to fill all the holes that are there for PCI (so I think it ends up being a PCI and a PCI+2), or can I do with less?

I'm just curious in case I decide to do some cable stuff like coloured cables or whatever, since a single one in like I saw as (seemingly) one option would work a little better for that aim and save some money.
Unless it explicitly says otherwise, I would always assume that you need to fill all power connectors on the card.

What sort of options does it show in the manual? EVGA doesn't seem to have manuals for specific card models, at least not online.