How many watt i need?


Dec 1, 2012
Hello,may i ask how many watt i need for this build?
processor=intel core i5-3470
motherboard=msi z77ma-g45
graphic card=asus gtx 650ti
storage=WD 1tb caviar blue
ram=kingston value ram 4gbx2 1600mhz
optical drive=asus DRW-24B5ST/BLACK
casing=thermaltake commander MS-I(usb 3.0)
fans=3 additional 120mm led casing fans+aftermarket cpu cooler

and can silverstone st60f-es handle this system? :)
Yep, it should be fine. As I said, a 550W unit would be enough to handle all that, with room to overclock (if you could).
While the Silverstone Essential Series isnt the best available, they aren't bad.
for your build, change the following

-use a h77 motherboard like the asrock h77m
-get a 7850 1gb. some can be found in that price range
-cheaper ram avaliable. from what i know, amazon has some patriot intel extreme masters 2x4gb 1600mhz for 31.99
-get a better case. such as the antec 300 illusion at newegg 49.99 after MIR
-no point of a aftermarket cooler when you cant overclock
-case fans make no difference for me. i wouldnt recommend using more than the stock configuration
The power supply(st60f-es) will run like nothing for that load.

You know what always makes people feel better about it.

i5 750 + 650 ti on a 300 watt power supply :)

Ohh and that my i7 2600k(more power) + 5870(power power) takes about 250 from the wall on most games and needs OCCT PSU stress test to get to 360 watts.



Aug 16, 2012
You can get away with a 350-400W PSU easily... Just ignore the people that says you need anything more...

You do not need a Z77 motherboard (since you don't have a k series processor) meaning that overclocking feature is useless.... might as well as go with a cheaper motherboard...
Both are fairly similar, only real difference is that the MSI will support Crossfire/SLI if you wanted too. Looks better IMO as well.

The total power consumption of the motherboard itself is fairly small, including RAM its going to be less than ~20W. Not enough to be concerned about.