Question How much a difference is there between a DRAM and DRAM less Nvme SSD?

May 1, 2023
How much performace difference will I find in between the below listed products? i will use it for gaming

Currently have 2 options

WD BLUE SN570 1TB costing 56$

Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB 87$

XPG S11 PRO 1TB 74$ but not in stock
Modern DRAM-less ones will use system RAM or at least can be configured to use system RAM, typically a few hundred megabytes (in my head I keep thinking 256MB since I feel that's a common spec).

For the most part however, practical performance in consumer space will still be plenty quick. Unless you're moving a lot of data to and from the SSD, it's going to be idling 99% of the time, and the other time it's being used, most of it will be reading from the SSD, which DRAM doesn't really help with anyway.

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