How much better is will a desktop perform over a laptop?

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Mar 16, 2012
Hi team,
I currently run a macbook pro 2.7 ghtz 8GB ram for Adobe CS5.5 flash, after effects premiered pro etc. But the other part of my job involves using 3Ds max. My laptop will run it via Bootcamp, but only just. Render times have been really long - not helped by the large length animation segments that I am required to produce.)

Bootcamp has also been a pain, I can't share files between partitions and have been routinely having files corrupted when sharing between Windows and mac with a USB stick.

Anyway.. If I buy a i7 3930K with 32 gb ram and a Quadro 2000 graphics card, how much performance boost will I notice over the laptop?

Will it also help me to visualise my scenes better before rendering? At the moment on the laptop it is like a black box, I can't really see much before rendering (and then after several hours wait, I get to see that I have screwed something up!) I know you can grab the viewport, but currently it takes a really long time as well. And scrubbing the timeline is hopeless.

Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated,
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