Question How much can i sell my pc for?

Apr 7, 2020

Im upgrading to a new build and i was wondering how much i could sell my old pc for.
I have the MSI Nightblade Mi3 containing:
  • GTX 1060 3gb
  • Intel Core i5-8400
  • Intel H310 chipset
  • A 350w psu
It is used for about 1.5 years
I was thinking about selling it for around $500
You can always see what similar (or exact) rigs are selling for on E-Bay, etc., and, if pricing to sell, undercut the price by $50-$100...

Used rigs' prices fluctuate drastically with seller/buyers' knowledge of parts' values, inclusion of licensed WIn10, etc.

(I could not find any MSI Mi3 rigs on Amazon to roughly gauge approximate value...)
A pc will often fetch more if it is disassembled and the parts sold individually.
That is because it is unlikely that a buyer will want exactly the same pc.
Find your parts in used condition on ebay.
Then filter on completed auctions,
In green you will see what the part actually sold for.
TBH, that's a great looking little case. It's Intel, it's got a GTX 1060 in it.

Aside from the facts and shortcomings that well informed computer hobbyist are going to immediately see in this I think the general public would see this as an attractive offering. I think $500 is well too high...but...

I really don't know specifics about the case and build but if there is anywhere that you can throw an LED fan, maybe a $1 light strip or two, clean it up, take a couple of good pictures and list it local. I could solidly see you getting $300 plus for this. In a super best case scenario I couldn't see it going over 4. This would also be dependent on SSD OS drive, storage drive.